Beautiful picture of a hawk.

Robe Making Made Simple

Right out of the gate: Why do many Wiccans wear robes? Some Wiccans prefer to do ritual nude or skyclad. However there are some Wiccans who, out of comfort prefer to be clothed. That is OK. Comfort is an important factor when doing ritual or magick. If one wants to wear clothing, nothing that binds… Continue reading Robe Making Made Simple

Moon Phases and Magick

How do the moon phases work? From the vantage point of Earth we see the near side of the moon caused by locked rotation. The only way we see the far side of the moon is when we send satellites to orbit the moon. The moon does not shine, but it reflects light. When the… Continue reading Moon Phases and Magick

Celebrating the Moon

Ah, the moon! It is our one natural satellite. About 4.5 billion years ago a body about the size of Mars collided with Earth, and the result of this collision was the formation of the moon. This is the most widely accepted scientific theory. If we did not have the moon, the Earth would be… Continue reading Celebrating the Moon

Ground Hog

A ground hog for Imbolc. May you have a meaningful Imbolc!

Blessing the Home

The home is a dwelling full of activity that can be considered to be sacred space. It could be an apartment, hotel room, house, mansion or other type of abode. It is where we study, entertain, sleep, cook, eat, do self care, and oh, so much more. This space should be cared for just as… Continue reading Blessing the Home