Full Moon

Magick involving attraction or banishing can be done on the full moon. Watch for the manifestation of any magick you have done during the waxing moon tonight. Bask in the glow of the moon. Draw down the moon.

Waxing Moon

The moon is now a waxing crescent. Do magick to attract good things to you.

Protection Magick

Magick can be used to enhance your protection both psychically and physically. Note that I used the word “enhance”. Protecting yourself on a common sense level like locking your doors is not to be ignored. There are ways you can use magick to protect yourself. First I would like to talk about the need to… Continue reading Protection Magick


Spring is here and so are the robins!

Visualize . . .Only?

Open up a book about Wicca and somewhere in the pages you are likely to find the word “visualize” multiple times. Meditations are great to have in a Wiccan repertoire. We use them both for divination and for magick. But what do you do if the mental pictures do not show up for you? Some… Continue reading Visualize . . .Only?

The Moon

The Moon is now a waning crescent. It is a good time for banishing energies.

Ostara Public Ritual Plan

This is a ritual plan that was designed for an Ostara ritual for Pagans and the respectful public. The ritual was held outdoors on Ostara last year. We planted sunflower seeds in honor of Ukraine which was in the middle of a war at that time. I wrote the ritual plan and led the ritual.… Continue reading Ostara Public Ritual Plan


The moon today is a waning gibbous. 98%.


This year the spring equinox arrives when the sun is directly overhead at the equator on March 20 at 5:25 pm. According to the Celts, spring arrives on February 2 on Imbolc. Meteorological spring begins on March 1. But according to many others, spring arrives on the equinox. So it depends on how you see… Continue reading Ostara