Yule is coming up (two weeks!) and it is time to start preparing. The sun is at its lowest altitude and the days are short. At Yule, there is rejoicing for the sun’s return to strength and the eventual greening in the Northern Hemisphere. When I speak with others in the general public about the… Continue reading Yule

Elements/ Quarters/ Directions

I’ll be covering correspondences with the four elements and my overall impressions of each of them. I’ll be giving you ideas of what you can do with information out there, so you can fully get into working with the elements. The elements and their associations with the directions were written about in Ancient Greece, so… Continue reading Elements/ Quarters/ Directions

Altars: Raising and Maintaining

There are about as many kinds of altars as there are uses for them. There are personal altars, couple’s altars, community altars which are used as main altars, elemental altars, healing altars, seasonal altars, lunar altars, ancestor altars and more. The purpose of an altar is to connect one to the sacred, as s/he conducts… Continue reading Altars: Raising and Maintaining

Samhain Ritual Plan

This is a special time of year, and a written ritual plan is highly suggested for Samhain night. Even with memorized wording for parts a plan can help as a map to guide you through the ritual. The plan will be your own, and you will make decisions about how your own plan is structured.… Continue reading Samhain Ritual Plan

Waning Crescent Moon

This is picture of the waning crescent moon. I look at the moon each day that it is clear enough to do so.