Samhain Ritual Plan

This is a special time of year, and a written ritual plan is highly suggested for Samhain night. Even with memorized wording for parts a plan can help as a map to guide you through the ritual. The plan will be your own, and you will make decisions about how your own plan is structured.… Continue reading Samhain Ritual Plan

Waning Crescent Moon

This is picture of the waning crescent moon. I look at the moon each day that it is clear enough to do so.

Book of Shadows

The creation of and use of a Book of Shadows (BOS) is one good place to start with Wicca. What should a BOS look like? If you are in a coven, its appearance may be determined by the coven. If it’s up to you, what would yours look like? You can get one already decorated… Continue reading Book of Shadows

Hello World!

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