I would like to start with descriptions of magick. Some people like to talk about white magick and black magick. I do not like these terms. Some people talk about positive and negative magick. This is more helpful nomenclature, but still I think there are better terms. I like to think of magic as beneficial… Continue reading Magick

Some of My Favorite Herbs

Disclaimer: These herbs are to be used in moderation. If you are sensitive to an herb simply do not ingest, inhale or in some cases even handle. If you forage for the herbs, make certain that you are sure of the plant’s identity. If you grow the herbs especially indoors and you have a pet,… Continue reading Some of My Favorite Herbs

Herb Craft

Disclaimer: Note to be certain of the plant’s identity you are working with, and know that some herbs may not agree with you. For example: Although mints are great for calming the stomach, you should not consume mint if you have acid reflux. Mint makes the condition worse. Note that herbs should be used in… Continue reading Herb Craft

More Tools, Tools,Tools!

Last week, I described some of the tools that you might want or need in your Wiccan practice. I covered the altar, Book of Shadows, athame, wand, sword, staff, chalice, plate, bowls, incense burner, incense, candles and besom in my previous post titled “Tools, Tools Tools!” There are more tools and more to discuss about… Continue reading More Tools, Tools,Tools!

Tools, Tools, Tools!

We Wiccans like our tools a lot! Some tools are needed and some are not. We use all kinds of items as tools, everything from athames to candles. Altar – The altar is a tool and is one of those necessary tools for us Wiccans. Altars can take a variety of shapes and forms. They… Continue reading Tools, Tools, Tools!

Sigils, Runes and the Ogam

Sigils, the Elder Futhark runes and the Ogam can be used for divination and magick. A sigil is a dot, series of dots, line, series of lines or shape that has power. Examples of sigils are pentacles, moon shapes and spirals. The Elder Futhark runes and the Ogam are alphabet systems that also have power,… Continue reading Sigils, Runes and the Ogam


This is the time of year that we celebrate flowers!

Beltane Festivities

Spring is in full swing, and we will be celebrating Beltane on May 1. What a joyous time of year! Beltane, Beltaine or Cetsamhain (means opposite Samhain) is a cross-quarter fire festival between Ostara, the beginning of spring and Litha, the first day of summer. It is instructive to look at what is across the… Continue reading Beltane Festivities

The Moon

The moon is a waning gibbous. This is a time for banishing magick. What does not serve you anymore? This is a great time to kick it out of your life.

Creating Sacred Space

The space around us in nature is sacred. If you are tucked away in some secluded natural location, casting a circle may not be all that desirable. If you want to feel the breezes, hear the birds and sense nature, you may not want to cast a circle. For doing magick, ritual and communing with… Continue reading Creating Sacred Space