Love: It Various Facets

This is the time of year to think about bringing something into the coming waxing year. That something might be love. This is the time of year that people sing and pray about peace and love on Earth, but love and peace are hopes for the whole year. Humanity has come a long way, but this world could use some more love. True love is safe and not abusive. Children should grow up knowing true love and people should be loved for who they are. Love is multifaceted with its various types and relationships.

There are various kinds of love, the first and most significant of which is self love. As long as it is not narcissistic, self love is crucial for all other types of love to develop. Love for self should be unconditional. A couple of ways to increase self love are keeping a gratitude list and wishing others happiness, good health and a good day with a smile. People usually smile back with a similar greeting. There was a woman who told me that she got up on the wrong side of the bed. But with that greeting I made her day. This is also something that could help with self love:

Self Love Booster Pouch

One cotton drawstring pouch, I recommend pink, but choose a color that feels like love to you. If you make it, try making it heart shaped.
Ginger root
Rose petals
Rose Quartz

If possible do on a Friday due to Friday’s association with love, and do it on a waxing moon preferably close to new moon. One at a time hold ginger root, thyme, rose petals and rose quartz in your dominant hand and think about what you need for self love. Place each in the pouch. The ginger and thyme are for confidence, and the rose petals and rose quartz are for love. Wear the pouch where it works for you. It may be a pocket or bra. The scent will help remind you that you are awesome. Wear as long as needed.

Love for family and friends is important to spread around. It is of great consequence that one gets outside of him/herself and gives love and support to family and friends. Note what is important to each family member and friend. For example, my brother drools over tools, so I have been keeping an eye out for an unusual tool that he does not have that I could gift him. Another example is to carpool with friends. One could volunteer to look after his/her grandchildren. These are some ways to give love within this circle of family and friends.

Then there is love of community. What communities one belongs to is a great question to ask. It could be a group like a coven, Pagan group, work, school, chorale, Scouts, a women’s or men’s group, a village, town or city. Consider volunteering for or charitable giving to one or more of these communities. It is good to remember that they give back to oneself as well.

Patriotic love is another type of love that is very important. Some people give to the country in terms of political or military service. One of the best ways to give is to vote. It is fulfilling to write to a service member who is overseas. One can give time or money to veterans’ services.

Love should be inclusive. There may be others one does not see eye to eye with, but these people should be loved, just like one wants to be loved for who s/he is. Love for pets is not to be forgotten. They are most likely considered to be members of the family. There is love of activities like love of reading, baseball and theatre. Love of professions like education is another kind of love to include. Love for the members of the LGTBQ+ community can be powerful.

Love for the environment and a healthy planet is crucial these days. Doing one’s part is an excellent way to start. Recycling plastic, glass, cans, aluminum, paper and styrofoam is something to be done. Better, yet, using less of these things really counts. A group called Noptla is involved with creating packaging from seaweed to replace plastic containers. That is the kind of problem solving that I like to hear about and support. Purchase sustainably sourced foods. One of the most sustainable proteins that are lean and with good fats are insects. Chefs are starting to cook with insects. Support solar and wind energies. Use public transportation, carpool or purchase hybrid or electric vehicles. Loving and taking care of Gaia is part of being responsible for this blue planet. Looking beyond is the love of the universe and of the divine.

I saved romantic love for last. This is where the Wiccan Rede comes into play which says, “Do what you will, but harm none.” I get asked about love spells. One might be flattered by the prospect of being the target of a love spell, but there are consequences. The target of a love spell can become entangled with the spell and a relationship that s/he does not want. It also interferes with free will. So, if one is interested in love, what is one to do? Do not pussyfoot around, get up the gumption, be straightforward with the person in mind and ask if s/he is interested in a date. The other approach is to do a spell announcing to the universe that one is ready for a love interest. A spell like that is in line with the Wiccan Rede. Call upon Freya, Venus, Hathor or Eros for help. There is magic that can help. This magic is powerful, so one needs to first see if s/he is truly ready for a committed love. For this magic to work properly, a clause must be worked in to the wording of the spell saying, “May I be right for this person, and may this person be right for me.” This magic requires two poppets which are like gingerbread humans cut out of cloth, sewn and stuffed. They are described as dolls. For more instructions see Raymond Buckland’s book listed below. For it to work properly also make this change from that which Buckland suggests: Go ahead and give the first poppet representing oneself specific characteristics of oneself such as eye color, hair color sun sign and gender. Seeing as this spell is an open announcement to the universe for a love, do not give the second poppet specific physical characteristics. One could do a very basic drawing in pen just to indicate the eyes, nose and mouth, and indicate gender but do not go any further than that. Adding those characteristics is something to do later with that person’s knowledge and permission.
What to stuff the poppets with:
Cotton stuffing
Rose petals or buds

Broke up with a partner? One suddenly one feels very much alone. Know that there is new life that is available. It may or may not be in the form of a new partner right away, but one needs to be on the lookout for this new life. is a great place to look for groups with a wide variety of interests. A ritual one could do is the following:

The Full Chalice Ritual

Two Chalices each half full of water
An essential oil with a scent representing love
A picture of the kinds of activities that are loved or could be loved by one such as yoga or cooking

One chalice represents oneself, while the other chalice represents the future. In ritual pour the contents of the future chalice into the chalice representing oneself. The full chalice now represents the full life that will be lived. Focus on the picture and meditate on this new full life. Add a drop of oil to the water to finish the spell.

A mature love of a significant other should include being there for one another, good communication, trust and connection. This kind of relationship is built up over a course of years. One needs to be able to love him/her self as well to have such a mature relationship with another.

Enjoy the love in your life!

I will continue to post on Wednesdays.

Have a Meaningful Yule!

Auburn Greene

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  1. I was interested in your suggestion to increase self love by wishing other people well. This reminded me of a Buddhist quote I saw just this morning from the Kadampa Center about rejoicing in other people’s happiness in order to increase your own.

    Great ideas to meditate on in the new year.


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