Protection Magick

Magick can be used to enhance your protection both psychically and physically. Note that I used the word “enhance”. Protecting yourself on a common sense level like locking your doors is not to be ignored. There are ways you can use magick to protect yourself.

First I would like to talk about the need to protect yourself psychically. Entities are often attracted to the vibrations of magickal work that you may be doing. In addition being around other people with a variety of moods can rub off on you. This can result in you feeling jittery, like you’re being watched, and aches in your body. A psychic attack can result in vivid frightening dreams or nightmares, having an uptick of accidents and vexing problems and finally, exhaustion. The aches and exhaustion can mimic symptoms of a disease, so you really need to see a doctor to rule out illness. If this kind of thing is going on in your life, it may be a psychic attack.

Negativity is in the world around us and can also be in your body and mind. The first thing to do is get rid of that personal negativity. Smiling is a kind magick. 😊. With the pandemic and masks we may have forgotten about smiling. Even if you do not feel like smiling and even if it feels fake, practice smiling anyway. It will become genuine with time. Smiling not only improves the moods of those around you, it sends endorphins, those “feel good” hormones flooding into your brain. Smiling also makes those around you wonder what your secret is. Concentrate on those positive thoughts as much as possible. Eat healthy, exercise and get out and about. These are common sense things you can do to keep the blues away.


Defense is something we need when doing psychic and magickal work. Envisioning your body being surrounded with a sphere of white light is a good place to start. If you have trouble with visual imagery try imagining a sound, touch, scent or taste surrounding you instead. (See one of my previous posts titled “Visualize . . . Only?”) What you choose should be something that feels secure. Decisions must be made about the permeability of that which is surrounding you. Do you want to be able to sense what is on the other side of the barrier which you created? What do you want to allow in to you? You may want to send magic out into the world. This barrier needs to be adjusted so you can interact with the world when you want to. The barrier needs to be put quickly and easily, which will come with practice. You can start learning this technique with eyes closed, but it is useful to learn to put this psychic shield up with eyes open. This is useful so you do not pick up negative energies from others and when you are working magick.

Bluff is another thing you can use to keep harm away. Keeping physically fit is a great deterrent to attack. Simply looking like you can take care of yourself in a fight is a straight forward approach. If you have an alarm system for your home, have those signs up. Appearance is a good thing to have going for you.

It is essential to be able to create healthy boundaries when needed. You have to know when to let people in and when to draw the line. There is the story of someone who’s husband messed with her altar. She confronted him and he said, “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours.” This was a time for her to set him straight and create a boundary. If somebody drinks your moon water without asking, create a boundary. When you are taking a ritual bath or need to be alone to perform a ritual, let people around you that you need alone time. There are times to create a boundary, but to interact with the world in a meaningful manner it is important to know when to make that decision.

Warding your home is another defensive thing you can do. You can create a witches’ bottle and literally bury it in the earth by an entrance to your home. If you cannot bury it in the earth, then hide it by an entrance. Burying it with a potted plant also works well. I suggest creating one to bury in your purse or bag. Marion Weinstein gives good instructions on how to create a witches’ bottle. (See Suggested Investigation below.) Try using essential oil like rosemary and drawing a sigil on your windows with it. A sigil can be a dot, lines or shapes that have power. It might be a pentacle, rune or something else which you use to ward your windows. You can put up objects at the entrance of your home such as a horseshoe, Brigid’s cross or wreath. A horseshoe is often put over the door with the ends facing up to catch luck. But it can be put up the other way around to spill good luck on one as s/he enters the dwelling. A wreath is a never ending circle like the Wheel of the Year. When making a wreath you can use protective herbs like Angelica, ivy, bay, cedar, cypress, rosemary or tulips. Incorporate other herbs such as lavender, fern, dried orange or jasmine for luck, love and happiness. Scott Cunningham has a complete list of herbs for many uses. If you need to get rid of harmful energies in the space, ring a bell, shake jingle bells or play a Tibetan singing bowl. Plug in a salt lamp and let it sit for a day. Mat Auryn talks about creating a psychic alarm system for your home to warn you of intruders. (See Suggested Investigation.) These are some things you can do to protect your home.

Use a salt lamp to rid your home of negative energies.

So, what to do if you think you have have been psychically attacked? First, make sure that you have indeed been psychically attacked. Consult with a deck of Tarot or oracle cards with which you are familiar. Write down facts like symptoms and what happened. Journal your dreams. This is not a time for hexing, but it is a time to protect to protect yourself from harm. Get a deep red or purple seven day jar candle and some incense such as frankincense or rosemary. Call the quarters. Light the incense and enjoy the scent. Invoke deities if desired. When ready light the candle and say this verse.

Energies sent to me to do harm
I send you deep into the earth, and I decree
That you may never return back to me.
May you dissipate in this unknown place
Causing harm to none
And may that be the case.

Thank the deities and thank the Quarters. Let the candle burn until it burns itself out. Put it in a safe place to burn such as a fireproof cauldron, fireplace or bathtub (away from curtains). As long as the candle is burning, say the verse each day.
You can make make a bottle which is similar to that of a witches’ bottle. Put in herbs such as rosemary, bay and garlic. Add nine bent sewing pins. Be careful not to prick yourself while bending them. Add a tangle of red thread to confuse the curse. Add your fingernails, toenails and/or hair, which are lures for the curse. If available add a stem from a rose with thorns. Tell each ingredient what you want it to do as you add it to the bottle. Close the bottle and seal it with red or purple wax.

Enjoy learning how to protect yourself!

I will continue to post on Wednesdays.

Auburn Green

Items to create a bottle to confuse and catch a curse.

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